10 app ideas for c# beginners

Today, I was thinking about what would be my first 10 C# projects to code, if I was learning C# again and I didn’t know anything other than plain C#.

Probably the first few projects you are going to make will be some sort of code challenges which are a really good way of enhancing your coding skill, but here I don’t want to talk about those, I want to focus more on real tools that can be used and you can show them to your friends as the cool things you are doing with the skills you just learned.

Yes, It’s not going to be ASP.NET or UNITY or any project needing some dependency on other advanced frameworks because the goal is to practice our newly learned C# skills and meanwhile create some cool projects.

Unit Converter

This can be a Console app that converts a unit to different measurement systems, like Meter to Kilometer or Yard, and so on. This app can be useful for length, temperature, area, weight, and time conversions. You can also recreate this app as a web or Windows app.

Currency Converter

This one is very close to the Unit Converter, but with the main difference of having currency exchange rates changing very frequently, so you would need to read these data from an API (like this) and do your conversion based on those data to be more accurate or you can just provide the current price if you want to make it as simple as possible.

Compound Interest Calculator

This is one of my favorite easy projects. You can code a Console App that can calculate compound interest and print a table of growth. To make it more interesting, you can even record those data in an Excel sheet in case you want to keep them for the future or do more calculations on them.

Driving License Test Practice

You can make an app asking 20 or 30 random questions and giving the final score as the final result. You can have the question hardcoded or keep them in an excel file or even better in a database.

Words and Characters Counter

This is a tool I frequently use myself. This app should be able to receive a text as input and count the number of words and characters existing in this text.

Type Speed Test

This app should show the user a random text and measure the time user will type the same text as an input, the app should be able to find the mistypes the user is making, and include them in the final result.

Area Calculator

You can suggest different shapes in this app and based on the user’s choice, it asks required data to calculate the shape’s area.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

This is the simple game that we played as kids and is pretty easy to make, maybe it should be one of the first programs one makes after learning programming basics.

Domain suggestion

This app can get one or two keywords for input and using some pre or post-phrases and different domain extensions suggest a bunch of combinations for the potential domain.

Password Generator

Finally my favorite one, you can create an app to generate passwords with different levels of complexity, to make it even better this app can save the encrypted password for you which is salted with a general password, so you can ask the app to decrypt them later when you need to retrieve the password again. Do it at your risk don’t blame me if your app is not coded well and someone hacks your passwords ๐Ÿ™‚

These were my ideas for someone who just learned C# and doesn’t know how to make a website or mobile app and wants to have some fun while improving skills. You can generate your ideas by getting inspiration from this list or maybe create a mobile or web app if you want to challenge yourself on those platforms. If you have any good ideas share them in the comments with other readers.

Thank you for reading.