asp dot net top choice

ASP.NET Core is the latest Microsoft solution for web-based applications, It’s an open-source project which gained enough popularity among developers. It offers many benefits for developers looking to build modern, scalable, and secure applications. Here I want to mention five key reasons why I think ASP.NET Core is a promising technology in 2023 and beyond.

1 – Cross-Platform Support

Application developers can create programs that work with Windows, macOS, and Linux thanks to ASP.NET Core. This feature can increase the reach of your applications while giving you more flexibility in your development environment. Developers can use their preferred programming environment thanks to cross-platform support, which can boost productivity and efficiency.

2 – High Performance

Performance is a vital component for modern web applications, and ASP.NET Core shines in this regard. With features like response caching, it can handle high volumes of traffic while maintaining speed and responsiveness, providing an excellent user experience. High performance is especially important for e-commerce and other web applications where speed can impact customer satisfaction and revenue.

3 – Cloud Friendly

ASP.NET Core is created to be cloud-ready and is simply deployable on cloud computing platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. This makes scaling and managing your applications more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective. For companies seeking to reduce infrastructure costs while retaining good performance and availability, cloud readiness is essential.

4 – Built-in Security

ASP.NET Core provides built-in security features such as authentication and authorization, protecting your applications from cyber threats. This feature provides peace of mind and helps maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your data. Security is a top concern for businesses today, especially with the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks.

5 – Microservices Support

Microservices architecture, a method that enables programmers to divide an application into smaller, independent services, is supported by ASP.NET Core. Your applications will be more flexible, scalable, and easy to manage thanks to this strategy, which will also make them simpler to create, deploy, and update. For businesses trying to develop sophisticated apps that can manage high levels of traffic and data, microservices support is crucial.


In conclusion, ASP.NET Core is a promising technology for programmers in 2023. It is a flexible and strong solution for developing cutting-edge, scalable, and secure applications thanks to its cross-platform compatibility, high performance, cloud readiness, security features, and support for microservices. ASP.NET Core will stay a popular option for web development as more companies attempt to benefit from cloud computing and microservices architecture. ASP.NET Core is a framework that is well-positioned for growth and success in the years to come thanks to its strong community support and continual improvements.