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How to Change Git Editor to Notepad++ in Windows

When you want to make a long commit message in Git and you don't use -m flag it opens Vim editor for you to write your commit, the same happens when you want to...
Setup Swagger asp.net core

Setup Swagger in ASP.NET core 2.0 API

What is Swagger? Swagger is an open-source framework which can automatically generate an interactive document for your API in a human and machine-readable way. Benefits Save time in creating a spec for your API The API...

How to Configure ESLint in VS Code

ESLint is a popular and flexible Javascript linter which will help your team to generate consistent and high-quality code. In this post I will show you how to install and config ESLint for your...

Why I Chose React over Others

There are more than a dozen different tempting front-end frameworks out there, like React, Angular, Vue, Ember, and others. As a human being, we have limited time and we tend to choose the best(obviously,...

Many-To-Many Relation in Entity Framework Core (1.0.1)

In Entity Framework Core 1.0.1 Many-To-Many without creating relational entity is not supported and the easiest way to implement is creating the relational entity. I will show that in a small example: public class Course { ...

Converting string to Nullable int

There are some scenarios when you extract a number from a text (it can be a text file or web page or etc...) and you need to convert it to a specific nullable type. In this...

LINQ Aggregate Function

Aggregate is one of the extension methods which lives in System.Linq namespace, and applies to any object that implemented IEnumerable interface. Aggregate is one of seven aggregation family functions which are: Min Max Count LongCount Sum Average ...

Null Coalescing Operator or ?? in c#

Null Coalescing Operator is the ?? operator This operator has been added to C# since version 2.0,  and it's one of the C# syntactic sugars that sometimes is more useful than you expect. Basically, this...

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