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CSharp 8.0 new features

New Features in C# 8.0 : Part 1

In this two part article we will discuss some of C# 8.0 new features and enhancements. We will try to explain each feature in details and provide examples for it.  Contents Why c#? How to use c#...

4. Create Your Own ASP.NET Core React-Redux Boilerplate (Create React-Redux Application)

Content Add Redux to React Application Implementing Signup Implementing Sign in Add IE Support Implementing Sign out   Add Redux to React Application Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. From the very beginning, we need...

How to Disable Landscape Mode in React Native

You have an app that doesn't look good in landscape mode or for some other reasons you don't want to support that. Don't worry, there is a way to totally disable that mode for...

3. Create Your Own ASP.NET Core React-Redux Boilerplate (Setup Authentication)

Content Enable Entity Framework and add dbcontext to the project Add OpenIddict to the project Create authentication controllers Configure authentication services Run the application Enable Entity Framework and add dbcontext to the project If you already...

2. Create Your Own ASP.NET Core React-Redux Boilerplate (Getting Started)

First, we will create an ASP.NET Core application, then we will set up Webpack and Babel. At the end, we will create a simple react-redux project. Content Prerequisites Create ASP.NET Core MVC Application Setting up...

1. Create Your Own ASP.NET Core React-Redux Boilerplate (Introduction)

This series of tutorial teaches you to create a new ASP.NET Core MVC web application with react-redux and JWT authentication in Visual Studio Code and use it as a template or boilerplate for our...

How to Stay Healthy as a Software Developer

How to stay healthy as a software developer? this question has been raised a few times for me during the last couple of years because I didn't have an active physical life. If I...

React Native ScrollView Inside Touchable and How to Make it Work on Android

Having a ScrollView inside any kind of touchable causes a very common problem in the Android platform. The problem is that you can not scroll the ScrollView because the touchable steals user's touch, but...
React Native

7 React Native Swipe Components

Swiping is a very common gesture in mobile apps, that is accepted and loved by most of the mobile users. There are many apps like Instagram and Tinder which used this effect very successfully....

What is Git Commits Squashing and How We Do it

What is Git Squashing? Git Squashing is a technique which is being used to consolidate few commits to one commit. Why? Let's imagine you are working on a feature; for example, creating shopping cart for an eCommerce...

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