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Minimal APIs

Minimal APIs In ASP.NET Core – How To Setup One?

Minimal API is introduced in .NET 6 to create APIs with the least possible dependencies. This new hosting model allows creating API with few lines of code and it's inspired by existing successful frameworks...
Giving gift

Most Useful Gift Ideas To Make Programmers Happy in 2022

Christmas is around the corner and it's the time of the year we buy a lot of gifts for each other, and that can be a difficult decision for some. This can be even...
20 Nuget Packages You Need To Know About

20 Nuget Packages You Need to Know About

Have you ever heard people saying "you don't need to reinvent the wheel"? This article is exactly about that. I'm going to list the top Nuget packages that I think every Asp.net core developer...
5 Programming Languages You Should Not Learn in 2023 

5 Programming Languages You Should NOT Learn in 2023 

I want to list the top 5 programming languages which I won't suggest to a newbie programmer in the year 2023. That is mostly because they have been replaced with another language or I...
10 app ideas for c# beginners

10 Simple Console App Ideas for C# Beginners

Today, I was thinking about what would be my first 10 C# projects to code, if I was learning C# again and I didn't know anything other than plain C#.Probably the first few...

How to create a simple text-editor for react-native

We are going to create a text-editor for react native projects. As you know there are some packages out there but it worth knowing how to create one from scratch.If you are not sure...
.Net Hot Reload

How To Use .NET 6 Hot Reload

What's Hot Reload And Why it's Useful?A feature that will let you see the code change result without the need to restart the application is called hot reload. It's useful because developers don't...
How to Land a Programming Job in Less Than a Year

How to Land a Programming Job in Less Than a Year

In the past decade, we had a huge amount of demand for programmers and other related skills. This change happened due to computerizing almost everything we had working manually and that trend still continues....
Hourglass on laptop computer concept for time management

Background Job with Quartz.Net in C# and .NET Core

There are processes you want to run frequently and automatically in the background of your main application. There are many libraries dedicated to this problem, and Quartz.Net is one of the known ones out...
side hustle

6 Best Side Hustles for Software Developers

In the internet era, you won't find people who aren't looking for side hustles to make more money, and who knows the internet better than software developers?In this article, I want to list 6...

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